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Am I Doing Enough?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

In this climate, we are putting more and more pressure on ourselves to do more. We are working long hours, sometimes putting our own personal needs aside to produce more at work. Then we tell ourselves it still not enough. We go to bed with the list of things we didn’t get done today.

I am seeing highly functional individuals who are top earner’s, who are driven, dedicated, winning awards, or at high level...and they come to me physically exhausted and mentally beating themselves up. They are telling themselves and me that something is wrong with them.

I have witnessed myself and clients produce large amounts of work, taking massive action and getting results only to have their brain tell them it not enough.

We should be taking moments to recognize all that we are doing is so important. We should be celebrating the results we have produced. We should be Letting go of the idea we must prove ourselves to anyone (including ourselves). We should NOT be comparing ourselves to someone above us or in the same line of work.

So, be aware that, as driven people, this thought might come up for us. Rather than letting it take fuel, we need to gently tell ourselves, "thank you....I am enough, I did my work, now it’s rest time." Its so important to have a balance of work, rest, and family connection. This doesn’t mean family time where we we excuse ourselves to take a few calls or deal with a few emails. This means unplugged time. I guarantee you the most successful people in the world have unplugged time. That, friends, is the key to produce more. A rested mind and body is able to produce more in shorter time. Why? Because is gives our brain the ability to defrag. If your response to me is, "I can’t," then we need to talk more than you know.

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