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How We Can Create Energy With Our Thoughts

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Pulling from personal experience again.

Being a widow, Mom of 4 during the pandemic I have had the thought over and over. “This is hard” What did that do? That gave my beautiful human brain a challenge. My human brain went on a hunt to find all the ways that “This was hard”. It found things.

Health issues came up for me, such as epstein Bar virus. My youngest was diagnosed with Marfans syndrome, the disease that ended my husband life. My other children had some mental health challenges, and behavior challenges.

What I was doing by thinking this is hard was making the little things hard. Sleep felt hard. Parenting felt hard. Making food for myself and my kids felt hard. Doing the housework felt hard. Grocery shopping felt hard. Anything from basic needs to day to day living felt hard because I was thinking “this is hard”. It didn’t help this case my brain was building that “this is hard” when I would run into people, and they would tell me how hard things were for me. It seemed to solidify this thought I had. My brain was like … “ummmm yeah! It is! See they think so too. Silly girl, I told you it was hard.”

I remember distinctly the day I caught myself with the thought. I didn’t even realize I had been thinking it. It hit me like a brick. What if it weren’t hard? I felt a shift in my body and a release of trapped energy. I asked it to go and serve it’s higher good. I went home and looked in the mirror. I felt like I looked younger physically, but my eyes had a light and wisdom I did not notice before.

Moreover, I was missing all the growth the kids and I were having. All the ways we were changing for our higher good. All the ways we were stepping up and learning new things to make us function as a more unified team.

Our thoughts can create and attraction energy. What energy are you creating? IS it serving you?

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