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Keep Moving Forward & Inspiring!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Are you missing it?

Sometime human’s minds can get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others.

“They are better”

“They have more experience”

“They’ve been doing it longer”

“I’ll never be at that level.”

“They are different”

“They are a unicorn”

“They got Lucky”

“They have a better body”

“They are prettier”

“They are out of my league”

If we are spending our time comparing we are missing our growth. We are missing our wins. We are missing our own experiences. We are living in lack and, well, that never feels good.

Stay here. Stay present. Lean into you, right now, in this moment, living this life. It is exactly as it should be, right now. Breathe. Give yourself the chance to fall in love with yourself. Then watch the world open it’s opportunities to you.

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