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That Singular Focus

January is a time people make goals. For some, each year they make new goals. Others may have the same goals each year…and they are not sure why.

People get together and do vision boards and write goals. I love this. It creates community, friendship, and most of all taps into inspiration.

I have done all of this. Love it.

However, I am in the space that I like to be clean and clear. I am finding I want less clutter, less stuff. I also don’t want to take up too much of my mind space. This may be temporary, or I may just adapt this concept. But I am really enjoying it for now.

Last year, I adopted a phrase. It was simply “I can do anything.” That helped me every time I felt like crumbling. Every time I felt I couldn’t do it. Each time it was hard. I said it to myself and others daily. It held me together. It got me 3 new Life Coach Certifications, learning to be a widow with four kids with special needs, Epstein Barr Virus that was severe, being stuck in in bed for better part of 3 months going through covid. I took my kids on Vacation four times without my husband. I got my son’s diagnoses of Marfans Syndrom and all of the accompanying hospital visits and sleepless nights. I advocated and fought for my son’s mental health. I got my daughter the tutoring she needs and the motivation to make the extra income to make it work for her. I have driven four or more hours a day taking my kids to school and various activities while building a business…which meant working seven days a week most weeks and working into the night most nights. I had surgery on my foot. I have had so many realizations and epiphanies as a person as a Mom, and as a coach. Moments I’m proud of, and moments that make me cringe. I have ugly cried, let tears stream down my face with ease, laughed so hard I almost peed myself, and sat in silence and total peace by myself with no distractions. I have built a successful business on my own. I have shown up to serve my clients. I have made new friendships. I have unified my family unit like it never has been before. So much more. Each day, each time I had a new obstacle, every time I had a moment to reflect, I would say to myself “I can do anything.” That, my friends, feels powerful. Feeling empowered has helped me take the actions necessary to build the life I want for my family. As a result, I now know I CAN DO ANYTHING.

This year, my phrase is “I deliver results.” I’ve already gotten a jump start in using it, and it is creating the feelings of creativity, passion, dedication, commitment, driven, and confidence. I can’t wait until year’s end to see all the results I have delivered.

So, what’s your phrase, your word, your focus for this year? I invite you to reach out and schedule a free mini session with me to come up with your phrase.

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