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What Is Your Most Important Relationship?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

When I am talking to clients, I will ask what the most important relationships to them are. I will hear all kinds of answers from, spouse, kids, God, faith, spirituality, source, and animals. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say, myself.

Now, these other relationships do mean a lot. However, I am going to advocate that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important. I can almost hear you now. I’m sure this may seem almost blasphemy to not put faith or spirituality first. Bear with me.

If you don’t love yourself as a whole person, accepting all parts of yourself it makes it hard to accept, receive, and give divine love.

I have heard things such as...

"I don’t want to love myself to much because I don’t want to be a narcissist."

"Well I like certain things, but you don’t understand. There are things abut me that…"

"Well, I’m smart and I have that going from me, but I am not good looking. I have accepted this about me. It’s ok."

"I’m successful, I’m good looking, but I’m telling you, I have issues."

"Generally, people like me. I try to be a good person. But the idea of loving myself is foreign."

Loving yourself creates more love. More ways for us all to give, accept, and receive love. It allows divine love in and creates more space and capacity for love.

That sounds easy. Its work we all get to do. It is practice each and every day. We have already tried not loving ourselves and, well…that doesn’t work. Let's try love.

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