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Is Self-Care Overrated?

Self-care is never an easy job…especially with that voice in our head saying, “you’re just being selfish,” or, “you don’t deserve this,” or, “there are so many other more important things you should be doing.”

Practicing self-care or self-love can feel overly self-indulgent and extravagant especially when we’re juggling our job and housework, the pandemic and news reports weigh us down, and we can’t seem to do all we feel we should be doing for our kids and other family members. We often feel too overwhelmed to consider taking care of ourselves.

However, Researchers have discovered that the practice of self-love is associated with a multitude of benefits, such as greater life satisfaction, increased happiness, and greater resilience.

As I have worked through my personal traumas, I have learned that greater self-compassion has enabled me to overcome difficult life events, improved my problem-solving abilities and decreased procrastination, among other mental health and relationship benefits.

Most importantly, as I’ve practiced and helped others discover self-love, I’ve found it to be a gift that keeps giving: the more love and compassion for self, the greater capacity to love and care for others.

I would love to listen to your story, to consult, and work alongside you to find your own empowering self-love.

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