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Message from the Other Side

When I was a senior in high school, I was in the mountains when it was very cold and icy. My car slid on some black ice, fell down a ravine, and rolled over four times. When it stopped, I was pinned around the steering wheel in a totally smashed car and my head had a piece of glass going through it.

I experienced my death. I left my body and went up to a place that I would refer to as an in-between place. I believed, at that time, that I spoke to the Holy Spirit. The voices that I heard were both male and female and we went through my life. As we did this, there was absolutely no judgment, neither bad nor good placed on my life up to that point when this happened.

Most importantly, what I experienced while in-between was love, a divine love. This love was so powerful it's impossible to describe or to put into words. Interestingly, there were also various sounds, some like musical notes, that can’t be described in human terms, and smells that I can’t put words to or describe.

You may ask, so what is the most important take away from that time? My answer is that we, humans, have no place to judge, only to love, not to judge ourselves or to judge other people. No judgement on race, gender, sexuality, religion or non religion, vaccination or not, political or otherwise. In a sense, I believe wholeheartedly that we are meant to grow, to transcend as human beings. We are meant to keep evolving. We are meant to expand our brain, our thoughts, and our feelings. I don't believe that it is our place to judge another human being, not someone's looks, smell, sexuality, ethnicity, belief in religion, or non-religious belief. I am confident that we're all here together on this earth to seek divine love for ourselves and for each other, and to grow and evolve as human beings!

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