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Why hire a Neurodiverse Executive Coach?

1 in 5 people are Neurodiverse. Even if you don’t know which of your employees are neurodiverse, they are there. It is best for companies to stay ahead of DE and I and be inclusive. Studies have shown that Neurodiverse individuals and teams produce 30% more work than Neurotypicals given the right support. It is illegal to ask if someone is Neurodiverse. Providing the support helps Neurotypicals as well as Neurodivergent individuals. It is a win-win situation. Neurotypical individuals have said they function better with the support Neurodivergent people need. It creates an environment to foster cohesive teams. It reduces stress in any environment. Playing to everyone's strengths is a smart move for any company or business.

Would you say yes to:

- Increase revenue

- Increase sound mental health for all employees

- Increase productivity

- Increase positive communication

- Clear vision in the company

- Increase in co-creation

-Create positive Culture

If your answer is yes book a Power call today

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