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How Often Do We Give Our Power Away?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

As adults we often blame our feelings on others or our situations. Have you ever heard yourself say….

“You’re making me so mad!”

“My kids are driving me crazy.”

“I feel pressure coming from all sides. I work so hard at work, only to come home and feel like failing, because your always mad at me”

“People shouldn’t act that way.”

“I feel helpless because …”

“It’s not right to…..”

“If you would just …. I would feel better (loved)”

“Well, if you wouldn’t…”

“Why are you doing this to me.”

“I feel like I work so hard, I’m successful, yet I’m going no where and stressed all the time. I am making good money, but at what expense.”

“Most of the time I don’t eat lunch because I don’t have time.”

"My kids keep misbehaving. They are so disrespectful. They did _________. They made me so mad!"

So many people believe that life is happening to them. There is no control over what is happening in life, it’s not their fault. That if people (spouse, boss, coworker, kids) would act differently it would make them feel better. Other people are making them feel the way they are, therefore they cannot change their feelings.

They are seeking for others to agree with them or needing validation by compliment or a promotion. Often times you will feel the need to pick up the phone and want to call likeminded people and talk about the problem so as to have others agree with you. Or needing to hear the compliment or positive reinforcement.

They are feeling that their feelings happened to them because of the guy that cut them off on the freeway. Then their coffee spilt on their shirt. Which means they had to go buy a new shirt, just to have the person at the counter be rude to them. I’m telling you, it was a really bad day!

Living in this way gives all the power to change and create. It gives others and circumstances the power over how we feel. This creates actions that we are not in control over. And our lives are out of our control leaving us feel overwhelmed, unappreciated, helpless, and resigned to the fact that unless I act out and make huge changes. We will be unhappy.

I admit that I did believe this way at one time. With work on managing my mind I have come to realize that I am in complete control over my feelings and actions. I can create exactly what I want in life. I use these methods to help others do the same thing.

If you are ready to start feeling better, in control, confident, and ready to move forward in life click here to set up a free consult.

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